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Preferred Payment Methods - PAYPAL alternatively please send an email and we will forward you a PAYPAL requeat. We do not accept credit card details over the phone. If you have any questions about any of our products please contact our help desk info@gromtec.com or phone 0203 286 7949


For sales enquiries from outside the UK please contact our HELP DESK for possible additional shipping costs.


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  • GTAG1 Air-Guard

    £45.92 (£55.10)

    GTAG1 Air-Guard

    The GTAG1 Air-Guard brush grommet features an overlapping brush design which offers fantastic air sealing around cables. The GTAG1 has a trigger release removable front section to facilitate perimeter tile installation which avoids "trapping" cables within the frame of the grommet or panel. The GTAG1 forms part of the wide Air-Guard product range.

  • GTA85 Air-Quiff

    £35.75 (£42.90)

    GTA85 Air-Quiff

    Circular 209mm diamaeter grommet with a circular brush insert and 2 part protective top section.

  • Air-Guard Retro-Fit GTAG3

    £45.74 (£54.89)

    Air-Guard Retro-Fit GTAG3

    Air-Guard GTAG3 Brush Grommet fits over existing cabled openings and forms an immediated air seal.

  • GTAG11 Air-Guard - 127mm

    £34.50 (£41.40)

    GTAG11 Air-Guard - 127mm

    GTAG11 Circular 2 part grommet fitted with a brush and gasket air seal. Fits a 127mm diameter floor panel cut out.

  • GT036 Air-Block

    £24.50 (£29.40)

    GT036 Air-Block

    The GT036 Air-Block Snaps around cables to provide a safe, cushioned air sealed grommet which fits a 200mm x 110mm floor cut out opening.

  • Air-Shield 500 U Pack

    On Sale

    £310.00 (£372.00) R.R.P.: £460.00

    Air-Shield 500 U Pack

    500u Blanking Plates (50 sheets x 10u) plus 200 push in locking clips.Fill in the gaps between servers and improve your racks cooling performance. Eliminate expensive by pass air. Air-shield is cost effective. Less than £0.65 per u. Fire rated certified, anti-static and easy to install and adapt when require.

  • Double Suction Cup Tile Lifter

    £37.40 (£44.88)

    Double Suction Cup Tile Lifter

    Double Suction Cup Raised Access Floor Tile Lifter

  • KSEO Standard

    £79.25 (£95.10)

    KSEO Standard

    Stainless Steel or Brass covered IP66 rated floor outlet with 13amp socket. The unit is supplied with screed type back box ref. KGE170/23.

  • GTLC5 -127mm Cable Grommet With Clamping Arm

    £7.21 (£8.65)

    GTLC5 -127mm Cable Grommet With Clamping Arm

    The 127mm GTLC5 Gromtec is probably the best selling grommet in UK. Moulded from flame retardant plastic this grommet features a strong lid & lid strap.

  • Ergomotion Single Monitor Arm

    £59.60 (£71.52)

    Ergomotion Single Monitor Arm

    Ergomotion Monitor Arm - Available in Silver or White. Strong, easy to install with clamp and through desk fixings.

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